Mechanic: Resurrection (2016)

Mechanic: Resurrection
Director: Dennis Gansel
Writer: Philip ShelbyTony MosherRachel LongBrian Pittman
Sequel to: The Mechanic
Cast: Jason StathamJessica AlbaTommy Lee JonesMichelle YeohSam HazeldineJohn CenatiempoToby EddingtonFemi Elufowoju Jr.Anteo Quintavalle
Seen on: 26.4.2017

Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) has retired from the assassination business and withdrawn to Rio. But he is approached there with a business proposal that he declines. Instead he goes to Thailand to visit with his friend Mei (Michelle Yeoh) and to escape the figurative heat. Also vacationing there is the beautiful Gina (Jessica Alba). But it seems that Gina might be more than just a regular vacationer and that the person trying to hire Arthur hasn’t given up on their plan just yet.

I was looking forward to Mechanic: Reurrection and then it never made its way to cinemas in Austria, at least not in an undubbed version. So when I saw that they had it on the airplane, of course I had to watch it. And it may not be quite as good as the first Mechanic, but it could have been a lot worse as well.

Mechanic: Resurrection has the standard Statham movie plot and (lack of) characterization. But if you want an innovative plot, you shouldn’t be watching a Statham action vehicle anyway.

What I watch films like this for is a) Statham himself and b) the action scenes and stunts. The actions scenes were pretty decent, even though I thought that the ones in the first film were better. And films where Statham isn’t entertaining, no matter the overall film quality, are rare – and he definitely doesn’t disappoint here.

As an added bonus, we get a very funny performance by Tommy Lee Jones and a couple of script moments that just made it clear how stupid they thought the audience was, that made the film unwillingly but also unquestioningly hilarious. And Jessica Alba is astoundingly pretty.

While the film certainly isn’t the best Statham movie, I did enjoy it. And that, coupled with muscels, is pretty much all I asked of it.

Summarizing: If you like the usual Statham stuff, this is for you.

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