Creepshow (1982)

Director: George A. Romero
Writer: Stephen King
Based on: his own short stories (partly)
Cast: Hal HolbrookAdrienne BarbeauFritz WeaverLeslie NielsenE.G. MarshallViveca LindforsEd HarrisTed Danson, Stephen King, Robert HarperGaylen RossJon LormerDon KeeferBingo O’MalleyJoe Hill
Part of: /slash Filmfestival (extra screening)
Seen on: 8.9.2017

Billy (Joe Hill) reads a Creepshow comic, against the wishes of his father (Tom Atkins). The comic tells different stories – of an awkward family dinner where the murderous past comes back to haunt them; of a farmer finding a strange meteorite; of a vengeful husband doling out punishment to his unfaithful wife and her lover; of a dangerous creature in a crate; of a mysophobic man whose safeguards fail him – that the father doesn’t approve of. But Billy doesn’t want to give up the comic. 

As with many anthology movies, Creepshow’s different segments differ widely and the overall impression I have of the film isn’t particularly great, even though there were many bits that I did enjoy.

Creepshow has quite a few strengths. The special effects are great, especially considering the film’s age. And I loved to get to see Leslie Nielsen in a serious and evil role – I only know him from comedy. I really don’t think I’ve ever seen him in anything else.

Creepshow suffers from having too many segments, though. The last two segments feel definitely way too long, but I don’t know if that’s because they actually are too long or because the film simply went on too long altogether by this point.

If you’d asked me, I would have told them to at least get rid of the segment about the farmer because – as much as I liked the idea of King acting in the film himself – it was rotten to the core. It was an ableistic story with an even more ableistic performance where the punchline seems to be that the disabled farmer is, you know, not smart. Ha freaking ha.

At other times the film actually does manage to be funny and while I thought the comic frames were too much, they were nice in a nostalgic sort of way. In another context, I would have enjoyed them a lot (more). But it wasn’t enough to make the film work for me.

Summarizing: Okay, but not great.

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