Gam man da song si [Zombiology: Enjoy Yourself Tonight] (2017)

Gam man da song si
Director: Alan Lo
Writer: Nick CheukNero NgChi Hoi Pang
Cast: Michael NingKai-Chung CheungAlex ManCarrie NgCherry NganAngie ShumVenus Wong
Part of: /slash Filmfestival
Seen on: 30.9.2017

Lung (Michael Ning) and Chi-Yeung (Kai-Chung Cheung) are best friends and their lives consist mostly of talking big. But Lung has a few things he has to face: his depressed step-mother Shan (Carrie Ng) has to give up the theater where they have been living. His father (Alex Man) was released from prison and his attempts to reconnect are mostly annoying for Lung. It’s no surprise that Lung prefers to spend his time dreaming about star Yee-Sue (Venus Wong) than face reality, while Chi-Yeung rather chases after the a little more reachable Chan-Yat (Cherry Ngan). But all of their lives is turned upside down when a birdlike monster makes an appearance that turns the people around them into zombies. Lung and Chi-Yeung might have to start facing up to their big talk.

Who takes a look at the zombie genre and thinks, “what this needs is an Angry Bird crossover”? The makers of Zombiology, apparently. It even works surprisingly well for a long time, but not the all the way through.

The idea behind Zombiology was weird and funny. There were a few moments that had me laughing a lot and for a long time, I was able to go along with the film, whether because or instead of zombie-creating birds. But the showdown was a little too stupid for my taste.

I also would have preferred it if the bird had remained a bird instead of becoming a walking, peeping metaphor for Lung’s inner ambivalences and struggles. The metaphor could have remained, but they do turn it pretty literal and I thought that took away from the film.

I did like the characters, which almost surprise me because Lung and Chi-Yeung could have pretty easily turned into insufferable dudebros. Fortunately there’s always enough self-deprecation to keep that from happening.

While Zombiology probably won’t become my new favorite film, it did entertain me more than enough to have me leave with a positive feeling about it.

Summarizing: Not great, but fun.

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