The Fable (2019)

The Fable
Director: Kan Eguchi
Writer: Watanabe Yusuke
Based on: Katsuhisa Minami’s manga
Cast: Jun’ichi Okada, Fumino Kimura, Mizuki Yamamoto, Sôta Fukushi, Yûya Yagira, Osamu Mukai, Kôichi Satô
Part of: /slash Filmfestival
Seen on: 23.9.2019

The Fable (Jun’ichi Okada) is probably the best assassin in the world. He has been training since childhood and his job is his life. But now he has to take a break: a year without killing anyone and just living life as a normal citizen. Together with his partner Yoko (Fumino Kimura) who says she is his sister, The Fable tries to build a new life as Akria Sato. He starts working in a marketing company where he meets Misaki (Mizuki Yamamoto). But The Fable’s old life follows him to his new situation and Misaki is in danger, too.

The Fable surprised me: the mix of hard action and often larger-than-life slapstick and shenanigans worked wonderfully and had me laughing my heart out.

The film poster showing The Fable (Jun'ichi Okada) with his gun in his hand and his parrot on his head.

I liked the premise of The Fable: the difficulty for a contract killer to adapt to just a normal lifestyle and sticking to the terms set for him – no killing – even when his old life catches up with him. It’s an interesting set-up and the film really works it very well.

The story necessitates both, good action scenes that show The Fable’s competence and skills, and a lot of humor. The humor often gets very silly which is usually not so much my thing, but it really worked for me here (the drawings he does in the marketing company had me in fucking tears). Also thanks to Okada who has as much of a double task as the film itself: The Fable is both extremely stoic and extravagantly weird in many ways. Fortunately Okada is up to both.

The Fable (Jun'ichi Okada) with his parrot on his head.

The big showdown fight was probably the fight with the weakest editing in the film, unfortunately. It was a little too long and there was too much going on so you lost orientation while it happened. It was so confusing, in fact, that I almost lost my interest – but only almost. And overall, even if the fight was the showdown, it wasn’t all that important to the story.

Since the rest of the film was absolutely fantastic, I shall forgive that scene in any case. And I’d gladly watch the film again. I’m sure I would laugh again.

The Fable (Jun'ichi Okada) hard at work at the marketing company.

Summarizing: Highly entertaining.

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