I See You (2019)

I See You
Director: Adam Randall
Writer: Devon Graye
Cast: Helen Hunt, Jon Tenney, Judah Lewis, Owen Teague, Libe Barer, Gregory Alan Williams, Allison Gabriel, Sam Trammell
Part of: /slash Filmfestival
Seen on: 26.9.2019

Something strange is going on in the Harpers’ home: police officer Greg (Jon Tenney), counselor Jackie (Helen Hunt) and their son Connor (Judah Lewis) are faced with things disappearing in their home, or being moved to different places. They start to wonder whether something supernatural is going on. Meanwhile, Greg starts to investigate the disappearance of two boys that seems equally mysterious as what happens at home.

I See You starts off well enough but then starts tripping over the myriad plot twists and subplots it thinks necessary. A little less would have been way more here, but as is, the film is okay and not much more.

The film poster that is almost entirely black apart from an antique-looking monkey mask.

I See You starts off very well. The film could build tension, the soundtrack was pretty cool and the cast was good. As long as I didn’t have an idea of what is going on, I was here for most of it. Then the film starts to make some turns and gives us twists. And some of those twists actually did surprise me, which is nice.

But the film then tries too hard to keep surprising the audience and thinks too little if any of it still makes sense. It keeps twisting away, loses the audience in the process and doesn’t even seem to realize that’s what’s happening. It just got a little too much altogether, and at least the entire kidnapping plot could have been dropped and it would have done the film some good. Especially since there are some plot holes here and the timeline just doesn’t quite add up for me.

Jackie (Helen Hunt) standing outside at night.

Midway through the film starts to retrace its own steps and show things from a different perspective. And while I like this narrative device, it gets drawn out too long here. There is too much doubling to still remain interesting. This sequence should have been cut down considerably.

Altogether the film had more promise than it lives up to and remains mediocre when it had enough of the right ingredients to be really good.

Mindy (Libe Barer) and Alec (Owen Teague) looking shocked.

Summarizing: Meh.

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