Two Sisters (2019)

Two Sisters
Director: James Lee
Writer: James Lee
Cast: Emily Lim, Lim Mei Fen, Paige Chan, Mike Chuah, Angelyna Khoo, Venice Ng
Part of: /slash Filmfestival
Seen on: 29.9.2019

Mei Yue (Lim Mei Fen) gets picked up from the psychiatric hospital by her sister Mei Xi (Emily Lim). She spent a long time there but she can finally be released and return home. The two sisters return to their childhood home that has been empty for a long time. But as they start to make themselves at home there, strange things start happening around them.

Two Sisters could have been a decent film if the sound design and especially the soundtrack hadn’t ruined it entirely.

The film poster showing Mei Xi (Emily Lim) and Mei Yue (Lim Mei Fen) melting into one person. Behind them is a scary woman.

The best thing about Two Sisters is the scene at the beginning where the two sisters are children. After that, it quickly plummeted in overall quality. It was a problem that the clues for the main plot twist were placed in such an obvious way that it took me all of 10 minutes to figure out what it would be. It was also a problem that they basically tell a second story that is very little related with the main story.

But those problems, while weakening the film, where survivable. The sound was an entirely different thing. I could deal with the fact that it sometimes had too much white noise. But that’s far from everything. Not only did they play a high-pitched screeching sound whenever things got tense that, I assume, was supposed to increase the tension but only annoyed the fuck out of me. Even worse than that though was the score: whenever the piano started playing I wanted to scream.

Mei Xi (Emily Lim) comforting Mei Yue (Lim Mei Fen) who looks dazed.

This meant that the film quickly maneuvered itself onto my shitlist and I wasn’t able to appreciate anything about it anymore. Not that it had all that many strengths to begin with, but there were certainly more than what stayed with. But the good was all swallowed by the bad.

In the end, the film felt insufferably long and just didn’t work at all for me, unfortunately.

Mei Xi (Emily Lim) looking at red shoes placed on a table in a room where everything is covered in white cloth.

Summarizing: No.

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