This warm, fuzzy feeling…

I just watched Waitress. Now that is a happy feeling film. You know, one of those that leave you with this warm, fuzzy feeling in your belly and make you smile uncontrolably…

Adrienne Shelly was not only a good director (I especially liked the scenes where Keri Russell aka Jenna always has the same facial expression during five or so different takes), she also was a very good writer. The dialogues are beautiful, funny and witty. Do I need to say more than: “I was addicted to saying things and having them matter to someone.”?

There are some actors I like and am always kind of glad to see, although they mostly chose crappy movies and/or roles to play and this movie had two of them: Jeremy Sisto (ever since Clueless) and Nathan Fillion (ever since Buffy). It was nice to see them doing a good film for a change.


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