Beauty and the Beast

The last days brought a lot of cinema, and with it My Blueberry Nights and Die Fälscher (The Counterfeiters).

My Blueberry Nights was just wonderful. Wong Kar Wai did it again. I know why I love that guy.
It was cute, romantic (even if sometimes a little over the top – when Jeremy writes the postcards I thought “doesn’t he have anything else to do?” and the kiss in the end looked more uncomfortable than anything else) and had a wonderful cast. Jude Law was once not casted for the women chasing, perfect looking guy, which is nice, especially for people (like me) who don’t faint on the spot when they see him. Norah Jones had the sweet and innocent vibe necessary for the role (though I’m not convinced she could have played something else) and Rachel Weisz, David Strathairn and Natalie Portman outdid themselves.
An amazing movie. The only thing to question: The pie shown in the beginning – was that really blueberry pie? It looked as if it was too red and not blue enough.

Die Fälscher was very good as well, although where My Blueberry Nights showed the beauty of life, it showed the ugliness of it.
Karl Markovics – one of the most talented actors ever to walk this earth (not only in Austria. In Austria I would he say he’s the most talented) – was perfect in this role: Not a really nice guy, actually an opportunistic asshole but somebody who kind of grows on you because sometimes, he makes the right choices. The story is very impressive and doesn’t have the strong morale usually featured in WWII movies (ok, the Nazis are still bad and the Jews do have to suffer a lot but the people within this horrible system are not either good or bad, they are just trying to survive). I loved the clash of pragmatism and idealism (and that there was no obvious decision for either but you could decide for yourself – or not), wonderfully portrayed also through and in the actors and their roles (Markovics and August Diehl, who is only playing in good movies as far as I can tell).
I do believe it would deserve the Oscar it’s nominated for but – without having seen the other movies – I don’t think it will get it. Pity. But you should go and see it if you can!

2 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast

  1. It’s weird – I don’t get the Austrian schedule. Usually, films come about 4 months later to the movies here (if not more). And then there are those perfect exceptions to the rule like Blueberry Nights.
    But I don’t complain. Mostly, I’m just anxiously awaiting :)

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