Kazoku konpurîto [The Family Complete] (2010)

Kazoku konpurîto
Director: Kouichi Imaizumi
Writer: Kouichi Imaizumi
Cast: Jinta Fujimaru, Hotaru, Kouichi Imaizumi, Takahiro Inoue
Part of: /slash Filmfestival

The grandpa of the family contracted a weird virus which leads to the entire family to want to fuck him and nobody else. Only one of the grandsons is able to resist him, but that leads to some serious tension within the family.

I think The Family Complete is supposed to be funny but the reaction it got from me was a mix of bewilderment and boredom. I just really didn’t get its sense of humor, instead I thought that it confused WTFery with art.

The cast was really bad – but okay, you don’t really expect any different from a porn film anyway. But then I’d at least expect good sex to make up for that – and that didn’t happen either. In fact, the movie starts off with a rape scene and you could argue that none of the sex is really consensual as they’re all forced by the virus.

If I could have at least laughed about it, but for that it was way too boring. Basically, it was the worst of all worlds. The only thing that did show some sense of humor was that guy in the bear costume who I think was supposed to be the family’s cat (at least judging by the sounds he made). Not that I really understood what he did in the film, apart from maybe appealing to the furry demographic [and, unfortunately, hiding the best looking guy beneath it].

I’m rarely confronted by pieces of cinema (or literature or generally art) that leave me scratching my head so much. [Last example I can think of was The Master and Margarita. And before that, nothing really.] There are things I don’t like and things I disagree with and things I don’t care about but things that remain completely alien to me are really rare. And this film is one of those instances.

I just didn’t know what to do with this film. Basically that’s what my face looked like during the entirety of the film: O_o. Varied only to look like this: o_O.

Summarising: Not so good times.

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