Love & Distrust (2010)

Love & Distrust (it’s a short film anthology with the following segments)
Segment The Summer House
Director: Daisy Gili
Writer: Ian Beck
Cast: Talulah Riley, Robert Pattinson
Segment Blue Poles
Director: Darcy Yuille
Writer: Stewart Klein
Cast: Sam Worthington, Hallie Shellam
Segment Grasshopper
Director: Eric Kmetz
Writer: Eric Kmetz
Cast: James Franco, Rachel Miner
Segment Pennies
Director: Diana Valentine, Warner Loughlin
Writer: Eddie Adams, Marcus Kayne
Cast: Amy Adams
Segment Auto Motives
Director: Lorraine Bracco
Cast: Robert Downey Jr., James Cameron, Melissa McCarthy, Octavia Spencer, Allison Janney, Jim Rash, Tate Taylor

In Summer House, Jane (Talulah Riley) tries to get away from her ex Richard (Robert Pattinson).
In Blue Poles, country guy Miles (Sam Worthington) picks up hippie hitchhiker Libby (Hallie Shellam).
In Grasshopper, business man Travis (James Franco) forgets his cell phone on the train which is found by punk Terri (Rachel Miner).
In Pennies, Charlotte (Amy Adams) has to come into some money really quickly for the sake of her daughter. Unfortunately, she’s only a waitress.
In Auto Motives, we see various people in different situations involving cars.

I got drawn in by the impressive cast list in this collection. Unfortunately that seems to have also been the only criteria in the choice of putting those originally unconnected short films together in one film. There is no thematic arch whatsoever, but even taken on their own, the films are absolutely damn weak.

Summer House was unrealistic, dumb and trying way too hard and just couldn’t move you. I don’t know if they had anything to say and if so, what it was.

Blue Poles’ pretty much sole redeeming feature is that Sam Worthington is a really good-looking guy. And it wasn’t completely stupid, even though the plot revolves around a hillbilly opening the trying so hard to be free hippie girl’s eyes to the beauty of love.

Grasshopper was the best movie of the five, but that is only faint praise at best. Terri’s story was one single cliché but making her [SPOILER] suicide [/SPOILER] about Travis was problematic to say the least.

My reaction to Pennies was basically a tired, “ha, I see what you did there.” Unfortunately the movie hinges on you not realizing what they did there until the very end – and I saw it right from the get-go. I felt a bit like an English teacher must feel, when she gets the 500th depressed poem by a teenager about how nobody understands him and he still believes that he is the first one to make that observation. E for effort.

Finally there was Auto Motives. A short film collection within a short film collection which I found extremely weird and not in a good way. And most of those two minute shorts were pretty much meh, though I did enjoy the ones with Allison Janney, Robert Downey Jr. and Octavia Spence (three different stories, btw). But altogether in a collection that was already so incoherent, this collection within the collection felt even more so.

Summarising: A waste of time.

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