A la recherche de l’Ultra-Sex [In Search of the Ultra-Sex] (2015)

A la recherche de l’Ultra-Sex
Director: Nicolas Charlet, Bruno Lavaine
Writer: Nicolas Charlet, Bruno Lavaine
Part of: /slash Filmfestival
Seen on: 30.4.2016

Earth is infected with a mysterious epidemic that makes people crazy with lust. As the entire earth is threatened to dissolve into an endless stream of sex, a few people take up the investigation: a group of astronauts led by Captain Cock and on earth itself the FBI agents Bambi Darling and Stormy Brushing. They realize that the problem stems from the fact that the Ultra-Sex was stolen – and they have to find it before it is too late!

A la recherche de l’Ultra-Sex consists entirely of edited together excerpts from pornos from the 70s and 80s, shaped into a story by Charlet and Lavaine who also provide dubbing for all of the characters. The concept is pretty ingenious and for a while there, it is really funny. But even the moderate runtime of 60 minutes outstays its welcome after a short bit.


It is pretty amazing what kind of porn movies were made 30, 40 years ago. What I can only assume have to be fantastic plots are only topped by the fantastic sex those people are having. And I do mean fantastic in the literal sense: the sheer creativity that went into the scenes we got to see (albeit in a very different context) was delightful.

Not much is left, though, of the sexiness of the scenes that would be the original intent of the clips. When two guys do voice-over for all the characters and are not exactly serious about it, it’s hard (no pun intended) to make it sexy. But that’s not the point anyway. Instead it’s meant to be fun – and that it is.


It took me a bit, though, to realize that they actually had a plot that connects all of it, that they were, in fact, telling a coherent story. At first I thought it was just a collection of clips that they commented on MST3K-style. My realization that there was a plot only came shortly before my interest in the entire thing started to fade, unfortunately.

I think part of my decreasing interest had to do with the fact that the constraints of the voice-over started to bug me. It just became a little exhausting. Paired with the novelty that wore off after a while and the late hour of the screening, I really started to wish that the film only had about half or maybe a third of its runtime. Nevertheless it did manage to entertain for a while.

alarecherchedelultrasex2Summarizing: maybe you’ll have more stamina than I have and enjoy it all the way through.

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