Trespass Against Us (2016)

Trespass Against Us
Director: Adam Smith
Writer: Alastair Siddons
Cast: Michael FassbenderBrendan GleesonLyndsey MarshalGeorgie SmithRory KinnearKillian ScottSean HarrisKingsley Ben-Adir
Seen on: 22.8.2017

Colby Cutler (Brendan Gleeson) rules his family with an iron fist, making sure that they’re all part of his criminal activities, but also provided for. But his son Chad (Michael Fassbender) has had enough of their life, of getting into trouble. He wants to make sure that his children are settled – literally it means leaving the collection of trailers that is their family’s home. But Colby won’t just let him go without a fight.

Throughout the film I was wondering whether the Cutlers are supposed to be Romani – because then it would have been one of the most racist films I’ve ever seen. It turns out that they’re actually Irish Travellers, meaning that the film isn’t racist, just stereotypical as fuck and pretty aggravating.

I do wonder whether anybody involved in this film comes from a family of Travellers. I doubt it. I also doubt that Travellers are very happy with the film, but I don’t know. The thing is, I know literally nothing about Travellers, but if you had asked me to tell a story about them, this would probably be my hugely problematic first draft.

The film does have its moments here and there, particularly with Fassbender who manages to get a bit more out of his characters than clichés, which in turn leads to Chad wrangling more out of the story than any of the other characters.

It does have a nice soundtrack. But that’s pretty much the only good thing I can say about the film. The rest of my thoughts on the film consist of cursing the daddy issues this film works through and that combine with the general sexism in the passive and sidelined portrayal of the women in the film to lead to a story climax that is all about Chad and his son, even though Chad also has a daughter.

Maybe something could have been made of the premise and the film (and definitely of the cast), but what we got feels like it missed a round or three of reworking the script which makes it mostly problematic and simply not engaging.

Summarizing: Skip it.

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