Eine Flexible Frau [The Drifters] (2010)

Eine Flexible Frau
Director: Tatjana Turanskyj
Writer: Tatjana Turanskyj
Cast: Mira Partecke, Laura Tonke, Franziska Dick, Angelika Sauter, Katharina Bellena, Sven Seeger, Torsten Haase, Fabio Pink
Seen on: 12.11.2017

Greta (Mira Partecke) is an architect and has a son she’s estranged from. When she unexpectedly loses her job, she desperately tries to get back on her feet. Or drink enough that she forgets that she has lost her footing. She doesn’t seem built to participate in the neoliberal gig culture in the city around her, but is there a place that isn’t within that culture?

Eine flexible Frau is somewhere between art film, narration and sociological cinema – and it’s a really good mix at that. It’s challenging cinema, but if you’re willing to let yourself be challenged, you can get a lot out of it.

Greta is an interesting character. She’s kind of unwieldy and that’s at the same time part of her charm, and the reason why it’s not always easy to follow her through the film. But at least, it’s never boring to try.

The film takes her from depressingly realistic scenes to expressionistic ones, with my absolute favorite being a beautiful dance scene that is at ones entirely incongruent with the rest of the film and expresses it perfectly. It’s based on a Pina Bausch dance from Bausch’s film Die Klage der Kaiserin.

As a sociologist, I very much appreciated that Turanskyj has a sharp eye on society, in particular the neoliberalization of the workforce (from a female perspective). A lot of it has only gotten worse in the years since the film was released. Even if some of the shapes of the phenomenon have changed in the meantime, the dynamics are still the same.

Turanskyj puts all of this in an engaging, visually stimulating package. It may not be the most entertaining of films, although it’s not without a sense of humor, but it is thought-provoking in a surprisingly easy way.

Summarizing: shows what German cinema outside of the mainstream can accomplish.

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