Un couteau dans le coeur [Knife + Heart] (2018)

Un couteau dans le coeur
Director: Yann Gonzalez
Writer: Yann Gonzalez, Cristiano Mangione
Cast: Vanessa Paradis, Nicolas Maury, Kate Moran, Jonathan Genet, Félix Maritaud, Khaled Alouach, Elina Löwensohn
Part of: /slash Filmfestival 1/2
Seen on: 5.5.2019

Anne (Vanessa Paradis) produces gay porn together with her lover and editor Lois (Kate Moran). But Lois isn’t happy anymore with their life and she leaves Anne. Anne tries to win her back by making a new, ambitious movie with Archibald (Nicolas Maury) whom she has worked with a lot already. But a killer is making his way through the gay community and he kills two of Anne’s stars as well, drawing her into the investigation that becomes ever stranger.

Un couteau dans le coeur is a neo-giallo or at least a tribute to the old ones. I, personally, am not really a fan of giallos. Usually they just pass me right by. But I have to say that this film worked very well for me and left a very lasting impression.

The film poster showing drawings of the main characters and a bird in a collage.

Heart + Knife is visually absolutely interesting and cool, and the music fits it very well, too. Altogether, it is an aesthetic, sensual film that caught me in just the right way. Storytelling here is not as important as experiencing the film – and that definitely worked out.

I did fall asleep for a short while, which was not the film’s fault (it was just shown late in the day and I had seen a couple of movies beforehand), so I was probably even more confused about the storyline and what happens in the film than I would have been without that short break, but as I said, the story is neither all that important, nor is it made to be resolved without confusion, so it doesn’t matter much, I’d say.

Anne (Vanessa Paradis) in a phone booth.

The film has a nice sense of humor and doesn’t take itself too seriously, but it does get serious and poetic as well. The ending (before the mid-credits scene) definitely had a lyrical note. That is not to say that I didn’t like the mid-credits scene, I did. And I also thought the story with the bird was very cool.

I feel like Knife + Heart is a film that deserves re-watching (and not falling asleep) and will probably one of those films where you keep discovering details. I’m looking forward to that.

Anne (Vanessa Paradis) lying on a white rug with Archibald (Nicolas Maury).

Summarizing: very interesting.

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