Girl on the Third Floor (2019)

Girl on the Third Floor
Director: Travis Stevens
Writer: Travis Stevens
Cast: C.M. Punk, Trieste Kelly Dunn, Sarah Brooks, Elissa Dowling, Karen Woditsch, Travis Delgado, Marshall Bean
Part of: /slash Filmfestival
Seen on: 25.9.2019

Pregnant Liz (Trieste Kelly Dunn) just bought a big house for her family in the suburbs. But the place is a fixer-upper and needs a lot of work. So her husband Don (C.M. Punk) goes ahead to start with the renovations. He soon learns that the house has quite a colorful past, but he is much more preoccupied with his sexy – and very flirtatious – neighbor Sarah (Sarah Brooks). And of course, the house itself that has some very strange qualities.

Girl on the Third Floor was okay. Some things were not that bad, but overall it just left me pretty cold (except for when it was rather disgusting).

The film poster showing the house in front of a red background. The basement is shaped like the bottom half of a heart.

Girl on the Third Floor makes some interesting attempts. It doesn’t try in the slightest, for example, to even pretend that Don isn’t an utter asshole. And his assholishness and overestimation of himself is directly responsible for him getting into trouble. Since those traits are rewarded more often than not, I rather liked it. The film would have probably gone very differently, if Don hadn’t just accepted a beautiful young woman showing up at his doorstep ready to fuck as something that just happens outside of a fantasy.

Arguable, there’s also a bit of a feminist idea to the story here, but honestly, the explanation for the strange occurrences in the film had me mostly rolling my eyes and lost the film whatever feminist brownie point it managed to scratch together until then because it pitted the women against each other.

Don (C.M. Punk) working on the house.

The film had a couple of lengths in the second third and in the third third I just didn’t understand Liz in the slightest – the motivations for her actions, or why she would stay with Don at all in the first place.

The film is pretty good with the gross stuff and I was thoroughly disgusted with the weeping, oozing walls that were constantly being touched without gloves. But other than that, it just didn’t elicit much emotion at all. And that’s always quite boring.

Sarah (Sarah Brooks) inside the house.

Summarizing: shrug.

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