Tamara Drewe (2010)

Tamara Drewe is Stephen Frears‘ newest film, based on the comics by Posy Simmonds, starring Gemma Arterton, Roger Allam, Bill Camp, Dominic Cooper, Luke Evans and Tamsin Greig.

Ewedown is a town in the middle of nowhere in England. In this town live the Hardiments. Nicholas (Roger Allam) is a successful writer, Beth (Tamsin Greig) runs the farm and on said farm, a writer’s retreat. They have if not exactly peace at least a constant routine. When the neighbor’s daughter Tamara (Gemma Arterton) returns after becoming a journalist and having a very advantageuous nose job done, things get shaken up quite a bit though.

I really liked Tamara Drewe. Though it may not be the best thing Stephen Frears has ever done, it was an entertaining, enjoyable romp with a good cast and good writing.

I have to say that any movie that starts with Luke Evans shirtless already has loads of bonus points in my book. But even without these bonus points, Tamara Drewe would have been made of win. Tamara is an utterly charming heroine and Gemma Arterton rises higher and higher in my book of actresses I love.*

Generally the cast was excellent. It was really nice to get to see Tamsin Greig again and I think that Jessica Barden will be somebody to watch out for. But they were also extremely lucky in that they really got great characters to play.

During the film I noticed how used I am to American movies – I kept expecting Tamara to be punished in some way. I mean, she sleeps with whoever she wants to and enjoys revealing clothes and doesn’t feel bad about it. And she still has a brain! But the punishment never comes. Not everything goes according to her plan, but she gets her happy ending. Which is all kinds of awesome.

And apart from that – the film is just plain funny. The supporting characters are wonderful, the story is crazy and Stephen Frears knows what he’s doing.  What more could you want?

Only Alexandre Desplat‘s soundtrack completely passed under my radar, which is a bit of a pity.

Summarising: Highly recommended.

*She’s also completely hot and I’d totally go gay for her. Just so you know.

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