Victor Frankenstein (2015)

Victor Frankenstein
Director: Paul McGuigan
Writer: Max Landis
Based on: Mary Shelley‘s novel
Cast: Daniel RadcliffeJames McAvoy, Jessica Brown Findlay, Bronson Webb, Daniel Mays, Andrew Scott, Freddie Fox, Charles Dance, Mark Gatiss
Part of: Fright Nights
Seen on: 12.5.2016

Igor (Daniel Radcliffe) works in a circus as a clown. Due to his hump, he is decried as a freak and mistreated at every turn. People certainly aren’t seeing his medical talent, even though they are okay with him treating them. Things change drastically for Igor, when Victor Frankenstein (James McAvoy) turns up in his circus one night. Victor realizes how much of a diamond in the rough Igor is, helps him to flee, cures him of his hump and enlists him in his own experiments: Victor is set on freeing the world from death itself.

How many Frankenstein adaptations does the world need? No matter, there’s always one more. Victor Frankenstein isn’t a particularly good one at that, but I’m pretty damn sure it is the gayest one in existence. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen gay porn that wasn’t that homoerotically charged. And that did make it pretty fun to watch.


The film starts basically as a take on Cinderella, with Victor whisking Igor away from squalor to a better life (with the added ableist moment that he also cures him of his hump, that doesn’t actually turn out to be a hump, leading to one of the most disgusting moments on film ever. Because the story couldn’t possibly happen with a brilliant disabled scientist). A female love interest is introduced in Lorelei (Jessica Brown Findlay) and mostly ignored for the rest of the film, because everybody knows that the couple at the heart of this film are Victor and Igor. When Victor’s rival Finnegan (Freddie Fox) joins into the fray, things get even better: meaningful glances and outright staring, standing too close, suggestive dialogue: it’s all there and there’s no escape. Not that anybody actually seems to want to escape anyhow.

I don’t know if all of that was intended (though I have the suspicion that McAvoy and Radcliffe knew exactly what they were doing and just cut loose. They certainly looked like they had all the fun in the world) but it was highly entertaining, especially with the appropriate amount of alcohol intake that I strongly recommend for this film.

victorfrankenstein1Other than that, though, the film is pretty much a catastrophe. The CGI is horrible, the plot doesn’t make a lick of sense, and the pseudo-scientific babble is almost as bad as the rest of the dialogues. This is not, not even for a second, a good film. But, by goodness, it did make me laugh much harder than I ever thought it would.

victorfrankenstein2Summarizing: Make it a drinking game and you’ll have fun.

3 thoughts on “Victor Frankenstein (2015)

  1. As bad as this sounds, it actually makes me regret not having been able to join you to watch it. I still would like to see it though, preferably non-drunk as I rarely drink and probably wouldn’t remember a single thing in the end ;) (or is that why I should drink? but, there is no point in watching it in that case)

    Btw, I recently tried to watch Dracula Untold (which if I remember came up last time there was a discussion about Victor Frankenstein) and I couldn’t handle it, I just had to turn it off after idk 15 or 20 mins? It was just, unwatchable.

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